Thetestdata allows to generate Notepad,Word,PDF,Doc,Zip,Mp3,JPEG,JPG,TIFF,MP3,Test Data files for testing with a specific size.

Need some dummy data to test your application? Thetestdata allows you to create max 50 files at a time in PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, ZIP, XLS, MP3, TIF design.

Thetestdata also allows you to create Testdata files up to 2,000 columns of reasonable test information in Excel design.

The Testdata also Provides Technical Interview Questions and Answers for Job Preparation with Play Technical Quiz Feature.

What is testing TestData?

Test Data is the data which will be utilized for testing a specific piece of software. While a few information is utilized for getting corroborative outcomes, different information may be utilized for testing the capacity of the product.

There are multiple ways in which appropriate test data can be obtained for testing a system. A tester or a program can produce the test data for testing a particular system.Test Data varied for different scenarios in testing(valid/invalid).

Why is test data important?

The testing team may want to test whether the software provides the desired result or not. It would feed the data into the system and execute it. It would then analyze the result and decide if the expected results have been obtained. The software should at least deliver the intended results without any hiccup. After all, this was the basic purpose of creating it and it must fulfill that.

Conversely, it should not deliver unexpected, unusual or extreme results in case non standard input is passed to it. There must be sufficient test data to test the negative scenario as well. This is to ensure that the software keeps performing smoothly even in case the end user enters wrong information while using it or chooses to do that deliberately in order to toy with the system.

Why permits you to rapidly and effectively download a lot of randomly generated test data files for e.g : .txt, .doc, .docx, .zip, .mp3, sql, .xls, .jpeg, .tif, .pdf etc.. dependent on your own specs which you would then be able to use straightforwardly into your test environment according to your need.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 20 types of data to generate (names, emails, countries etc.)
  • 1 generation formats (CSV)
  • Provides interconnected data (e.g. related country, region, city)

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