Mock Data Generator For Testing and Development

Need some mock data to test your app? thetestdata lets you generate up to 2,000 rows of realistic test data in CSV formats.

Here you can generate up to 20 combinations of data formats and information and export up to 2,000 records. Build up your test datatable and export your data in CSV to create your table. You can use weights, nullable fields and more options to generate test data.

Database files generator support various data formats like (Title, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Company, Address, Street Name, Street Address, State, Country, Postcode, Mobile Number, Date, Email, Domain Name, Credit card type, Credit card number, Company email, Username, Password, URL). This is a free browser database files generator tool that help developers and testers to generate mock test data for software and database. Using this tool testing is made more accurate, which provides fake realistic data. Generate your test data set and export your data in CSV format.

Use of Database Files Generator Tool

Design your fake realistic data by entering number of fields in the table. Enter column name and select your desired field type (for e.g. Title, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Company, Address, Street Name, Street Address etc...). For your ease Column type and size is made fixed. After you have generated fake data, generated data will be automatically saved in you local with CSV format.

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