Text Files Generator For Testing

Need some false information to test your application? Thetestdata allows you to create max 50 files at a time in Text design.

Text File Generator

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This is a free browser test data generator tool that creates random text files. You can set the desired file size (in bytes) as well as number of files to generate. This online utility fills a text file with random characters until it reaches a certain size. We can select number of files to generate from the above option. Once number of files is selected select the desired size of files to generate. For your help files download is made very easy, just in one click file will be downloaded in your downloads folder.

Testing Engineers may need to upload any file for testing purposes. It usually takes time to prepare different fake files sizes in your system, or wasting your time locating files online with the right size. I can understand how much time it can take to create dummy files or to find random data file creator, that is why I designed our own dummy file creator to save your time. So now you can easily select which file format and file size you need to generate. Feel free to use corrupted files.

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